Club Car engine swap Part 1

Started with a 440CC GX390 clone from Vegas Carts, and the tapered adapter to retain the factory clutch. The engine comes with SST valves and stiffer valve springs, 20HP out of the box for $399 to the door. It arrives without the head bolted on, and the standard steel valves and weaker springs in place. The stainless valves and stiffer springs are shipped seperate. I saved the stainless steel valves for my GX390 alcohol burning race kart engine.

After trimming the factory crankshaft for use with the adapter, to retain the factory clutch and variator, next is a mount to adapt to the engine to cradle.

The Vegas 440cc does not have the same base bolt pattern as a Honda GX390 or clone. All you need to do is raise the engine 2″ to get the crankshaft to the original position. I did this by welding 2 pieces of 2″x2″x3/16″ angle with a plate between them. I put slots in the plate (new engine side) running parrallel with the crankshaft. The cradle has slots in it from the factory running the oter direction, so you can just put holes in the lower side of the mount, this will give you plenty of adjustment. For this model cart you want 9-5/8″ from crank centerline, to the centerline of drven pulley on the axle.

Next are the brackets to mount the factory starter generator. The GX engine typically has a fuel tank mounted on top, Vegas engine is a little different and  made mounting much easier. We used some flat plate bent with a hammer in a vice. We were able to use the factory adjustment plate with the slot so that made it that much easier.


IMG_1346     IMG_1345

PArt 2 : Throttle and Exhaust

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