Club Car engine swap Part 3, manual choke and fuel line install

See Part 2

With the engine configured to use the factory governor system, it is necessary to implement a manual choke. The stock system has the throttle in the wide open posistion at start, then the engine speed pushes it closed once it starts. Because of this, there isnt a strong enough vacuum signal across the main jet to pull fuel into the carb body, so a choke is required.

I purchased a push mower universal throttle cable kit. The kit I used comes with several different levers to use, I modifed one of them to use as the termination at the carburetor.


Simply cut the cable to length and bend a “Z” at the end using 2 needle nose pliers. I put a small hole into the stock choke lever and inserted the Z into that.

IMG_1457     IMG_1456 IMG_1458

For the fuel line:

Geoff at Vegas Carts recomends using the spacer between the carb and head to source the vacuum for the fuel pump. I tapped it to 1/8″ npt, and used a 1/8″ npt x 3/16″ barbed tube elbow. Using this location will generate too much pressure from the pump, so a “relief” line needs to be installed. I didnt want it to relieve all the fuel pressure so I used a reducing tee to reduce the 3/16″ tube down to 1/8″ for the return. I then used a bored thru tube compression fitting and installed the relief tube into the tank.

IMG_1460  IMG_1455

I do not like the location that I put the relief line in the tank. If i was to do it again I would put it lower in the tank to keep air out of the line.

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